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Scanning Companies in Raleigh / Durham

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Patient Records Scanning Companies in Raleigh

Hospitals, clinics and doctors offices have been starting scanning programs for years in Raleigh. The first step many of them made was to contact a member of the association. These are the types of jobs they needed to complete. Please call the members of the association in your area now and tell them what you need to have done.

" I have a client in Raleigh that is converting to EMR and is struggling to complete the scanning."

"We have a surgery center in Raleigh that is interested in document imaging. They have roughly 125 small banker boxes of records that need to be digitized. "

"Approximately 2000 medical records, consisting of 5-20 pages each. Onsite scanning near Raleigh. Scan to disk with ability to locate individual records for requested info."

"We have 130,000 to 150,000 pages to scan into CDs and indexed. Medical records are in Raleigh."

"I would like to know your price for scanning and putting patient files on cd or other storage formats. Large volume close to Raleigh."

"We need ongoing scanning in Raleighof consult notes and another patient documents. These need to be scanned directly in our EMR system."

Our imaging members in Raleigh provide innovative document imaging for scanning and web-based document management solutions for small to Fortune 500 businesses.

You’ll love our Online Visibility for immediate secure access to your documents as they’re scanned.

Scanning Companies listed here in Raleigh provide lifecycle document scanning and information management solutions. The companies demonstrate scanning leadership by bringing proprietary innovation and new levels of cost efficiency to document storage, data protection, digital/electronic document management and certified destruction.

Medical Records Scanning Video

Durham File Imaging Service Companies

Our members in Durham have the most up to date systems and equipment to handle your document scanning projects. Our professionals make sure you receive the ultimate speed and exactness you require. Call us today and share your needs with us. We have the best possible solutions for you.Those who are considering contacting a scanning service company in Durham have made the following comments, which They have conveyed to us over the years. If you have similar requests, then call or email now.

"We currently scan using Fortis. We are looking to have someone scan for us off-site into Fortis. Need quote in Durham ."

"Would like more information about how it works and a quote for approximately 4500 employee files. How do you get the files, where is the information housed, would you be able to take files from Durham ?"

"Would like cost information and available services for scanning documents near Durham . Also need OCR capabilities."

"I have a scanning project in Durham . We are looking for a scanning company."

"A client needs 40 boxes of business documents scanned in Durham . Currently, the documents contain file folders, staples, paper clips etc. How long does something like this take, and what costs are involved?"

" We are looking to have all of our old files scanned so we can destroy the hard copies. We also would like to be able to access these files via internet. We are currently storing our files in 2 separate storage units in Durham ."

Patient Records Scanning Companies near Raleigh

Do you need medical chart scanning in or near Raleigh? The following are quotes from other practice managers like you who needed medical scanning and contacted our members.

"We have 3 4-drawer lateral file cabinets full of medical bills that are stored filed alphabetically. We need to move these out of the cabinets they are in near Raleigh, but don't have space to store them in boxes, so we are trying to determine what the cost would?"

" I have a client in Raleigh that is converting to EMR and is struggling to complete the scanning."

"Working with some physicians in in Raleigh who are looking to streamline their records and would like to scan and put on disks. What are your costs for scanning and converting to searchable disks."

"Healthcare industry (6-7 file cabinets of employee/physician records need to be scanned) near Raleigh."

"We are a medical group in Raleigh interested in a price for scanning patient charts. We would prep the charts by removing all staples, etc. We have approximately 75 standard banker boxes of charts to be scanned."

"Approximately 2000 medical records, consisting of 5-20 pages each. Onsite scanning near Raleigh. Scan to disk with ability to locate individual records for requested info."

The members of the medical scanning association in Raleigh have been providing secure records management solutions. We understand the challenges of maintaining the integrity and confidentiality of a document management system while maintaining complete compliance with HIPAA, FACTA and other regulatory requirements. If you want peace of mind for yourself and your customers and/or patients, then contact the members of Medical Records Scanning Companies of America today. We can work with you to help develop a needs analysis and define the appropriate solutions for storage and security of your business critical records.

We can assist you with Document Imaging and Electronic Retrieval Services and File Management, Secure Document Destruction, Document and Medical Records Storage and File Management, as well as on-site file purges and moves. Call us for a free no-obligation consultation and learn how we can help you protect your business assets.

The Raleigh area companies listed on this page have been designing, installing, and providing support for Document Imaging Systems for decades. Our members of Document Scanning Companies of America help companies track, manage, store and purge files intelligently, quickly and economically.  Whether you need to covert paper to digital, digital to microfilm, or microfilm to digital, it's easy to do with the right equipment and right business partners.

Raleigh Area Price of Scanning Case Files

Raleigh Area Frequently Asked Questions About Legal Imaging

How Much Does It Cost?

The exact cost is determined by the conditions of the Legal including, how many staples, paperclips, two sided documents, irregular sized documents, color images, etc. The costs for medical document conversion are low.  They are pennies per page to be scanned.  The benefits over time of having the documents scanned can be significant in terms of the cost of filing, retrieving, find lost files, maintaining document security etc.

Can You Host The Documents On-Line - in the Cloud?

Our members are able to upload the Case files to a cloud server and give you access to that server with appropriate password protection. The electronic documents are stored on our encrypted and firewall protected servers.  We set up a password system and indexing system, so all your documents are secure, but readily available to the authorized personnel.

How Long Does It Take To Convert My Files To a Digital Format?

Most file scanning projects take less than a week depending on your volume. Let us know what your specific requirements are.

Contact the members in your area if you have any other questions about litigation records scanning.

Large and small legal firms are looking for the types of scanning projects they reference below. Are you? Please send us an email or dial us and tell us what you need to have done in Raleigh .

"Working on a bankruptcy case outside of Boise, ID outside of Raleigh and need to have documents scanned, indexed and prepared for electronic use. "

"I have probably 80 or so boxes to be scanned and then shredded. I am an attorney in Raleigh. How much? "

"I would like a rough estimate on scanning in legal files. Can you give me a price per file cabinet? Or how do you usually price? Files are in Raleigh."

"Curious about moving 6-15 years of bosses hard files of closed cases to digital files as well as cleaning out the old stuff. Wondering what services you offer in Raleigh are they just document conversion for closed files or would you have capabilities "

"I am a lawyer in Raleigh. We would like to have 40+ personnel files scanned and cataloged"

What is the Cost in Raleigh of Scanning Case files?

The cost to scan Case files depends on a number of factors:

  • Are there two sided documents in the file
  • Are there unusual documents in the Legal such as, sticky notes, EKG Legal Documents? XRAYS, Color Photos, etc.
  • Are the documents stapled, clipped or bound together
  • How many pages are there in the Legal Files
  • How much indexing needs to be done

Cost of Imaging Litigation Files in Raleigh

The legal records scanning companies who are members in Raleigh are efficient solution providers for Legal Document imaging and electronic storage of case files. They provide cost-effective and easily accessible legal records. The volume of case files that must be kept for legal and historical reasons can become unmanageable without a systematic solution.

Our association members provide comprehensive legal records scanning solutions and will help your document management team get a better handle on your records management needs.

  • Indexing
  • Document preparation of files
  • Scanning
  • Delivery of digital files

"What Can We Do For You". That is what each visitor from Raleigh is asked. Here are a number of their responses. Please call a couple of the members of the association to secure a quote for your scanning job now.

"We are a law firm near Raleigh with several hundred boxes containing files and accounting documents. Looking to see what cost would be to scan and convert to searchable PDF format. What is your policy with handling confidential legal documents"

"We have between 3 and 4 - 4 drawer file cabinets worth of papers that need to be scanned in for archiving. They only need to be B&W double sided. They are currently all filed on a shelf by binders. How do you get the documents to your place to scan? We are a law firm in Raleigh ."

"I have 10 legal size boxes containing legal files. Based on an estimate from another company outside of Raleigh , there are 47,250 pages (95% one-sided, 8-1/2 x 11 paper) to be scanned to CD/DVD. Also interested in cost to put possibly on network with external drive. "

"Would like info on costs, time to scan and general info on the process as we are considering having this done. The files are in south of Raleigh."

"Our company has roughly 5 million pages in downtown Raleigh of documents from the past 10 years. This will be a one time service and potentially a once a year submission of the years documents. We need the documents scanned and files placed on hard drives."

"I would like a rough estimate on scanning in legal files. Can you give me a price per file cabinet? Or how do you usually price? Files are in Raleigh . Do you charge per page? Just a quote, not sure if we want to file or scan. We have 8 legal size file drawers, 50-60 Binders 8 1/2 x 11."

Case files Scanning in Raleigh

  • Legal Scanning
  • Electronic case files Solutions
  • Clinic or Doctor's Office Scanning
  • FACTA and GLB Compliant