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Scanning Companies in Raleigh / Durham

COR365 Information Solutions
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Patient Records Scanning Companies in Raleigh

If your medical records in Raleigh are hard or even impossible to find and seem better at eating up valuable space and dollars than recording important information, we can make your documents do the job for which they were created.

  • Produce any records on demand
  • Speed up customer service
  • Reduce paper-handling
  • Virtually eliminate the cost of filing personnel and storage space
  • Keep company data in a safe, secure place
  • Keep a complete trail of who accessed which documents and when

"What Can We Do For You". That is what each visitor to this website is asked. Here are a number of their responses. Please call a couple of the members of the association to secure a quote for your scanning job now.


"We have a one-time project needing 5 years of medical records boxed, picked up, scanned & destroyed. We have a server in Raleigh that would hold this information."

"I work for an eye doctor just outside of Raleigh and we are wanting to make some room in the office and we have quite a few of old records that need to be scanned. We scan on a daily basis its just not making a dent in the records we have so were wanting some information on outsourcing the scanning"

" I exploring Raleigh area options for storing our archived charts, including electronic mediums such as disks or a server. We also have plans to implement and EMR within the 1-2 years and will need to convert active charts to the new system. Please provide info."

"Would like a quote for someone to come in and scan alot of medical records north of ."

"Is there an option for on-site scanning in Raleigh?"

"I am checking on prices for scanning medical records in Raleigh and what security you take to keep everything confidential?"

Medical Offices Scanning All Their Medical Charts in the Raleigh Area Become More Efficient and Profitable

Going Paperless can reduce your office operating expenses in the following ways.

  • Chart retrieval time, which minimizes the time to serve patients and improves satisfaction and probably profits.
  • Lost paper medical Documents are expensive to find or replace. An estimated 15% of medical charts which are retrieved from medical chart rooms are lost over time and are expensive to find or replace. Digital medical charts are not lost.
  • Reduce the cost to store hard copy patient information.
  • Computers are already in the office, so going paperless takes no more office space. However, you get to remove the paper medical charts from the office.