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Scanning Companies in Raleigh / Durham

COR365 Information Solutions
2200 New Bern Ave
Raleigh, NC 27610
Sales Contact: Chris Kelley
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Raleigh Area Medical Records Imaging Solutions

Our digital imaging members in Raleigh are Document Imaging and Content Management Specialists

  1. Free OCR on most scanning projects.
  2. Free pickup and delivery
  3. 400 dpi scans
  4. HIPAA Compliant
  5. Fast, affordable and secure

Hospitals, clinics and doctors offices have been starting scanning programs for years in Raleigh. The first step many of them made was to contact a member of the association. These are the types of jobs they needed to complete. Please call the members of the association in your area now and tell them what you need to have done.

"Can you scan (digitize) a medical x-rays? If need be, we can deliver in Raleigh."

"We are a medical office in Raleigh with one of our doctors leaving. She will need her charts scanned and put on disks or cd's"

"We are a 15 employee 4-5 physician office south of Raleigh and have over 200k in documents to potentially scan etc. Please email your prices for scanning medical record and putting them into a searchable hipaa compliant format for office workers to use."

"Interested in obtaining information about Raleigh area scanning of paper dental records"

Client Site or Mobile Chart Scanning Services in Raleigh

If you require the charts to be scanned without moving them, we can accommodate that request. We send our professional scanning team and high speed equipment to the location you specify and scan the documents where they are. This is common in medical Documents scanning when the charts are being used all the time.