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Scanning Companies in Raleigh / Durham

COR365 Information Solutions
2200 New Bern Ave
Raleigh, NC 27610
Sales Contact: Chris Kelley
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Raleigh Digital Imaging Service Companies

Our Scanning Solutions Providers in Raleigh are well suited to provide document scanning services from our local, safe and secure locations. Our members provide high quality scanning services that put clients' business needs first. We offer a variety of document management services that allow you to both quickly access your files and eliminate the costs and concerns of onsite storage and security. These services include:

  • Online Inventory Of All Your Documents / Files
  • Paper to electronic image conversion and hosting
  • Confidential secure destruction is offered by most members
  • Healthcare knowledgeable/ HIPAA compliant
  • Records retention management

The following are normal scanning requests our customers in Raleigh have made. Do you have similar requests? If so, call the members of the scanning association in your area now.

"I am looking for information on digitizing the company's financials in Raleigh . It is something that the owner is interested in. She would like to know what the general pricing is. Any information you could send me would be great. "

" I need to scan 600M 11 x 17 Surveys and convert to a FLAT ASCII file. The work is in Raleigh ."

" I would like to get a quote from a Raleigh scanning company on what it would be to scan a large number of documents."

" I am looking into having all of our documents scanned in Raleigh. There would be about 20 storage boxes and 7 file drawers containing deeds, loan documents, trust documents, receipts, lease agreements, taxes etc. "