Cost of Digital Imaging Chapel Hill

Scan your files and move them offsite to save money on office space.

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Scanning Companies in Raleigh / Durham

COR365 Information Solutions
2200 New Bern Ave
Raleigh, NC 27610
Sales Contact: Chris Kelley
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Paper Scanning in Chapel Hill

Most of our member companies provide our clients with following services in Chapel Hill:

  • Scanning of all kinds and sizes of documents
  • Data entry
  • OCR
  • Complete back file scanning
  • Online or server based record management solutions
  • Hosted Servers
  • Incorporation of files/ imaging records/old electronic media

Others who are looking for a scanning solutions service providers in Chapel Hill have made the following comments which they have conveyed to the members of the association over the years. If you have similar requests, then email the members of the association in your area now.

" Have a requirement for a Chapel Hill based partner to scan and upload images - approx volume is 2 Million per year."

"We have approx 4,000 engineering drawing that we need scanned to pdf as well as tiff in Chapel Hill. We then need them saved as the drawing name and saved to a dvd. Can you give me an estimate as well as the approx time it would take to accomplish?"

" I am working with a couple of clients in North Chapel Hill and was wondering if you folks did Client Site Scanning or know of someone who does?"