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Scanning Companies in Raleigh / Durham

COR365 Information Solutions
2200 New Bern Ave
Raleigh, NC 27610
Sales Contact: Chris Kelley
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Raleigh Patient File Scanning Solutions

The medical records scanning companies who are members in Raleigh are efficient solution providers for medical document imaging and electronic storage of charts. They provide cost-effective and easily accessible medical records. The volume of charts that must be kept for legal and historical reasons can become unmanageable without a systematic solution.

Our association members provide comprehensive medical records scanning solutions and will help your document management team get a better handle on your records management needs.

  • Boxing of  documents
  • Indexing
  • Document preparation of files
  • Scanning

Raleigh medical organizations have been scanning for years and more and more are digitizing medical charts everyday. The following are a number of ACTUAL QUOTES from hospitals, clinics, labs and doctors offices seeking a scanning solution. Do you have similar needs, please contact these medical chart scanning companies to get quotes.

"I have 250 Employee's medical records to be scanned for 2 manufacturing facilities in Raleigh."

"We are looking for information on scanning our medical client records in Raleigh, how does this work, what are the equipment costs, set up costs, maintenance cost, monthly costs. Does your company come into our office and scan for us? "

"Can you send me some pricing on on-site scanning services in the area of Raleigh? We have physician practices with thousands of charts to scan."

"Would like to know how much you charge to scan medical records for our practice in Raleigh?"